Pommes Frites at Saus


A few weeks ago, we tried out Saus – Boston’s first Belgian street food cafe. Their pomme frites (fries) are cut in-house and they make their sauces from scratch! According to their website, they have a day long process to create their frites- which starts with peeling, cutting, soaking, and oh yea- they don’t want to give away all their secrets!


Each order comes with 1 sauce and you can get additional ones for $0.75. The hard part was deciding which ones to get. Mayo is what you traditionally get when you eat frites. Yes, may sound strange, but just try it! They offer basic mayo and ketchup (all from scratch), but they have specialty ones too! We got the Cheddar Duval (mainly cheddar and Belgian ale) and Vampire Slayer (mayo, garlic, and oil). We both preferred the VS! Garlic = yum!

They were delicious and we scarfed them down. Crispy and the sauces were both really good.

I was tempted to get the poutine! After visiting Quebec last year, I feel like I know all about poutine now- frites with gravy and cheese curds- sounds gross, but it is good!

They also offer waffles and a newly added item- frikandel, which is a type of sausage.


They have seating for about 2 dozen people and restrooms downstairs. It’s good to know where the RS are.

I loved the ceiling- I’m a sucker for this type of ceiling that looks like tin. They also had Belgian comics framed on the wall.


Their hours:
Mon-Wed 12pm-10pm, Thu 12pm-12am
Fri & Sat 12pm-2am, Sun 12pm-8pm

They are located at 33 Union Street, near the Oyster House and Faneuil Hall.

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6 Responses to Pommes Frites at Saus

  1. Soni says:

    Actually, this made me very hungry!!! You both are wonderful to try all the new and great things and then share them with all of us. Keep up the fantastic work!!!!

  2. Patsy Jenks says:

    Looks delicious – and such funny names – sound like a musical comedy. Hugs

  3. OH MEIN GOTT…. Delicious! Haha this looks so good I felt the need to express that in German :) Mayo is awesome with fries… The Vampire Slayer dip? Sounds so good!

    Poutine = <3

    I had no idea Saus existed.. Thanks for the review! :-D

  4. Why must I have high cholesterol!?! Want me some frites!

    Great pics as well!

  5. Mom says:

    That’s a lot of fries!!!

  6. Rachael says:

    The waffles are absolutely the best! get them with the lemon curd. And as of today (or tomorrow?) they are serving beer. Not just for after-hours now. We’re lucky to have them.

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